First blog post

Seriously? Seriously!

I never understood the attraction behind the thing they call blogging. But every time I checked something on the Internet, I got hits from respective blogging websites. And I started reading them. And I liked it. I liked the nice and cute way people present what they like and do and I found answers and incredibly interesting topics I never thought about!

I was blown away.

I don’t know whether it is one of these ‘New Year, New Life’-things, but I really started seriously thinking about sharing what I experience every day with my dog Voxel. And it’s not just about how cute she is, it’s also about the hard times. But I have to admit: The cute and nice parts predominate 😉

However, after I created my Instagram account I registered myself just 2 days after for wordpress and here I am. To be honest, I regretted it after some hours. For me, every thing was so complicated and non-intuitive and I despaired. But there is this thing inside myself that makes me never stop; even trying harder if something does not work: ambition! I realized: I really want that and I won’t stop before I haven’t written a single page!

But who am I? What is my “Internet-Me”? What do I want to share and how? I simply wrote down everything I wanted to write about, I clustered the words according to topics and here we are: donka.

This blog already became such an important part of my (daily) life, I don’t want to miss it. I am looking forward to understand wordpress better, to increase my picture editing skills and to learn how to take nice pictures for DIYs and in general: Taking more pictures whenever I do something.

I am donka. And donka is me. And every single page is an incredible personal memory and part of my life and can’t wait to bring donka to life. And maybe to bring donka also in your life.


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