Simone Cardigan

Directly after New Year’s, I bought a (new) knitting kit by weareknitters. We are knitters provides knitting/chrochet manuals as well as high-quality wool. Some people might think that they are super-expensive and, indeed, they are more expensive then others, but the quality of the wool is amazing and the manuals are very easy to understand. I would even say that bloody knitting-beginners are able to knit an easy-level sweater using the manual and the provided videos on the website.

I felt in love with the piece I am writing about directly after a friend introduced me to this company in autumn 2016.  But at this time I wanted to start with a sweater. After completing this project, I wanted another one and fortunately, my parents send me some money for Christmas. When weareknitters announced a sale in January, I knew what to do.

I bought the Simone Cardigan. And, if I haven’t said it yet, one can choose a colour of the wool out of a huge amount of colours. I wanted something pure and “virgin”, nut not white. Therefore, I bought my knitting kit in beige.

20170105_130845-01.jpegWhen the kit came, and I am always so excited when I receive the “We have shipped your order”-mail, I nearly stayed home, just to start with the project. I went to work, though I opened the package and had a first contact with this awesome Persian sheep wool. It is so soft and fluffy and warm and everything one can imaging to make a cosy cardigan of.  I directly started when I came home.

Hot raspberry-chocolate with marshmallows, 20170105_154637-02-01.jpegthe dog next to me and snowflakes when I look out of the window – the perfect scenery for starting a knitting-project.

I always start with stitch test as recommended by the manual. Sometimes, I have to do it twice or 3 times before I internalized ow weak or strong I have to knit. Often, it is very helpful to have a look at the picture on the knit-kit or search for the hashtag on instagram

Knitting is a very exhausting hobby and even though I can not stop, my shoulders and wrists and my neck force me at some point to stop. And besides the physical exhaustion, the concentration lacks a lot. And this can be seen in the pattern.

The Simone Cardigan is really fast to knit as you are using a 15-needle. For one arm, I just needed like 2 hours. The pattern is very simple as there is basically none.

After some hours, I finished the back part and Voxel started to love the warm wool as well.

When I finished my cardigan, the hardest part began. It is not easy to sew all the things together n a way that no one can see the seam.

However, I somehow made it. But I actually wasn’t so happy about the result: The cardigan itself is one size and some kind of oversized as well. As this is not my style and I didn’t feel comfortable, I changed it. And now, the arms are much tighter. I LOVE this cardigan now and I can highly recommend to knit it. It is very important to bring your own ideas to the project to feel really good in it, even though you have to change some things.


The cardigan is the perfect companion for  the first warm days of spring. Due to its rather big stitches, the warmth induced by the sun can be released and some fresh wind can go through. I love it! Thanks to averagepony for the wonderful sunny walk and the great pictures ❤ )




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  1. Skye peck says:

    How did you make the cuffs of your sleeve smaller? I am having the same issue with that right now!!


    1. Hey! Instead of starting with 24 stitches, I used the half. 🙂


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