New knitting project – Happy Birthday!

Soon, my super cute nephew turns 1 and I decided to knit him something. I always loved to give self made things as a present and after I created a hanging Advent calender for him for Christmas, I wanted to make something fast and easy.

As summer is coming, I decided for a sweatervest. I think, it’s a good cloth for “between-the-seasons” – something you can add to a sweater or a shirt depending on the temperature. I had some wool left from my sweater project – pearl gray and cyan. A perfect combination for this little boy. But I don’t want to knit a normal, boring vest; I want to make a child-oriented piece with a nice pattern. As geometrical patterns are in fashion, I wanted to have lines of triangles. The basic sweater should be gray and the triangles will be made in cyan.

I created a knitting pattern using the Knitting Pattern Designer which I downloaded for free. It’s only a demo version, but it’s enough to record an idea and to ease the knitting. Even though you still have to count the rows and stitches, you can have a look at the pattern joahhnesevery time. I had some wool left from a sweater from we are knitters that was made out of sheep wool. I decided to use the pearl grey and mint/cyan wool and I created a pattern that is child-oriented and diverse and I came up with the one here. Of course, it starts with a cuff where I alternated right and left stitches for 5 rows. After that I used the stockinette stitch for the next 4 rows. In the 10th row, I started to use another color.

As you might know, it is very complicated to knit a pattern with switches between colors. I don’t wanted to cut the yarn every time I’m finished with it as I wanted to avoid a mess of yarn in the back.

I looked for a nice technique to carry the second or “spare” yarn along with. The best way to do that is the following:

Example: 10th row (right stitches)

You start with the mint yarn and knit the first stitch right. Before you knit the second stitch, you wrap the grey yarn around the mint one. The grey yarn is now “trapped” between the mint yarn and your needle. Then you knit the stitch. Now, you have to change back to grey. That’s easy as you have carried the grey yarn with you. Just wrap the grey around the mint yarn, so that the mint yarn is between the grey yarn and the needle. Now, you can knit this stitch. And so on…

There is one important thing when carrying the yarn along: Make sure to have the “spare” yarn on the left side! This means: When you are knitting a right row, you have to carry the “spare” yarn behind your work. If you are in a left row, the yarn has to be in front. This ensures that the “spare” yarn won’t be seen in the end. If I can somehow handle it, I try to make some pictures on how I do it.IMG-20170127-WA0015.jpeg

In the end, the left or back side of your work should look like above. You can see the “spare” yarn some how embedded in the back side of each stitch. And that’s it!

I finished the first piece of the vest within some hours and I am quite happy with it, especially because it’s my first time knitting a pattern with colour switch and the technique described.


After another knitting afternoon, I finished the second piece and it took another 2 hours to bring both parts together. I realized that it is not so easy to knit for a toddler as they have a big head compared to their shoulders. I don’t know whether it will fit or whether I can put it on due to this “problem”. Therefore, I did not knit the bunch on the arms and the neckline. When I will visit him to celebrate the 1st birthday, I can check how it fits, maybe do some changes, and finish it. I’m pretty proud of this vest, especially because I never knitted something without a manual successfully and I never knitted a pattern! And what did I learn: Just Do It, Never Doubt! 😉

(I changed the brightness and contrast of the last 2 pictures to show you the pattern. In ‘normal’ light, it is not good visible, because the difference between the 2 colours is rather small.)



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