On why I am who I am (tiny part) – empower yourself 

I am the second (and last) daughter of my parents. It was very difficult for them to have babies and so they were really proud of getting a second one. My parents always gave us (my older sister and me) the opportunity to develop an interest in everything we want. Therefore, we played with barbies, dolls, but also lego, cars, model railways and race car tracks. My father works in a car repair shop and for some reason, I was totally fascinated by that. I can not remember, but my father uses to say that I crouched under the cars shortly after I started walking. I know it’s exaggerated, but as far as I remember, I always liked the smell of oil and gas and I was never afraid of getting messy. But I was also interested in cooking and backing and knitting, sewing and stuff. I’m absolutely thankful that my parents gave me the freedom to experience both “the girl’s” and “the boy’s” – worlds. 🙂

My father was very happy to share his interests with me and I spent some time at the car repair shop; even though I only remember drinking hot chocolate there. I also liked to help him doing some home improvements, using the hammer, drill, saw, soldering iron or any machine you can think of.

What I want to say: I always liked to do things on my own and this never stopped, if anything, this desire grew and grows! My father has his problems with that..I am his little girl and he wants to help me with everything he can and so he is kind of sad when I tell him: I don’t need your help, I can do it myself. I totally understand that and it’s cute. Even though, he sometimes gives me the feeling to be a baby. I guess it’s just hard for parents to release.

However, I already moved several times, within one city, but it’s my third flat here. And I always did things on my own. My first big project was the restoration of a row of 4 cinema seats I got from a flee market. When I moved in autumn 2014 and the flat was not ready, I polished the row in the middle of my living room, applied a new colour and I upholstered the seats. I didn’t know whether I would succeed or how it would look like, but I had this goal and I wanted to try and learn. And I failed a lot (hurt myself, damaged the wood) and I, again, realized how impatient I am. I learnt to take it easy, keep calm and judge myself whether it still make sense to keep on working or to make a break. Just to recover and to be focused again. That’s a very useful virtue…in the end patience and self-appraisal are very important when pursue a plan. Overestimation and inattention are really bad and if you don’t act when you feel exhausted and unconcentrated, the result won’t satisfy you and you will stop doing things yourself. To keep motivation high, success is needed. The difficult thing about staying motivated when working on a mammoth project like that is the delay of success. Maybe, my next blog should be on motivation 😉 However…

And I did it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find  a picture of the old cinema seat row or the process of restoration, but they are now a nice accessory and it’s really comfy to sit on them.

Those projects, no matter how hard, problematic or exhausting, made me more self-confident. And I want to share this feeling and especially the spirit of what it means to do something yourself and to learn to fail, to get up and to start new. It might not be very influential or important for your generation or the whole world, but for you and your own world, it will make a difference!

The last weeks, I upholstered two chairs which I got from my parents or the flee market. I am not good in explaining, however, I wrote a DIY manual on how to upholster a chair.

Hope, you’ll find it helpful!



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