The Hawaiian Story – Nu’Uanu Pali Lookout

I guess, I would have never went there, if I wouldn’t have met Marcel in the hostel. He grew up close to my current hometown, but lives in New York now. We met just 2 days before he left Hawaii to go back to work and he gave me some advices what to visit. He told me about the Nu’Uanua Pali Lookout (I’m actually so happy that I don’t have to say this, because I just don’t know how!) and he was a bit sad that he didn’t make it to this spot. So, we (Melanie, Marcel and I) decided to get up early at the day of his departure, just to go to this place before we bring him to the airport, or at least Downtown.

Our trip to this point started with struggle. That day, I rent a car and the service man just gave me the car key and told me that he is sure, I can handle the car because it’s very intuitive. First, I was a bit confused about the fact that it was an automatic car. I mean, I knew it already the day before as I asked for a manual gear car and he told me they have none. I’m able to drive automatic, but this is not driving. 🙂 Anyway, he laughed at me and told me that all Americans drive automatic cars, but (and maybe that’s a fun fact), some ‘rich’ people import a manual gear car sometimes only because of the fact that criminals don’t know how to drive a manual car! The thing is, they get into the car, they can start the engine, but they have no idea how to drive with a manual car. I have no idea whether this is true or not.

Okay, let’s continue. He gave me the keys, the engine was already started and so, I just drove to the hostel. When I arrived, of course, no one waited outside (as we agreed) and so, I turned the car off and went inside. As I wasn’t very comfortable with this modern car, I put the manual in my bag – don’t ask me why. Maybe, it was just a gut feeling. However, when Melanie came, I told her that I’m not convinced to understand this car. I wanted to adjust the driver seat to my needs, but I didn’t know how. Melanie found out and I was happy (btw…the manual did not say anything about this topic..I mean, what the hell: WHAT ARE THEY MADE FOR?). After Marcel also made it downstairs and we three sit in the car, I started the engine. Or at least, I wanted to. There was even a screen in the console, showing me what to do, but it didn’t work. Telling short stories long: We all tried several times, but we couldn’t start it. After a while, we decided to ask the owner of the hostel to help us, but, guess what: He also didn’t know what to do. We all read the manual, tried everything we could think of. And suddenly, Melanie just asked a random guy at the pedestrian and casually, he said: You have to hold the break and then push the start engine button.

Argh! It was totally NOT obvious that we have to hold the break. It only said push. And to be honest, we were 3 Germans and a native speaker. But we were not able to interpret this statement the right way. I was really irritated that day, but now, I can laugh about it. Finally, we went to the lookout. The way to it was easy as there were signs everywhere. The parking lot was next to it and so it was just a 1-minute-walk. No hiking that day.

But even the way from the car to the spot was special: the further I went, the closer I came to the edge and the more I saw! But before, we wanted to make sure that all of our bags are safe, but every time, I locked the car, Marcel was still able to open the trunk, but not the other doors! That was hilarious. Fortunately, because of my incredible gut feeling, I had the manual in my bag. I searched for the right page and as you can imagine, it was as helpful as before. Not. Then, for some reason, I had a brainwave! I gave Melanie the electronic key and said to her, to go away. Without asking, she started walking away and then, the trunk was closed. Damn! This modern technology freaks me out…but anyway, I was very proud of myself that I found the solution. In a certain radius, the car is open whenever the key is close enough…Marcel was impressed, Melanie was impressed and I was proud and pleased (and also impressed by myself)…Let’s continue.


We were in the middle of this volcano-shaped island, made of fertile soil. You might can imagine how vegetated the environment was! Additionally, we were so high that the wind was blowing like crazy. You know, I’m not a lightweight or highly sensitive, but at this place I was freezing as hell and, and this was actually very funny, I could lean myself into the wind and I didn’t fall. You don’t believe me? Maybe, the next picture is convincing you…WindyHair.JPG

It was a lot of fun…the wind was so strong, we couldn’t talk to each other, because we didn’t hear us. And we also couldn’t breath when the wind blew into our faces. It was not possible and all in all it was a great experience. Okay the can-not-breath-part was also a bit scary, but it was not like I would choke.

I don’t want to bother you with a lot of historical background, but this lookout was an important bastion and as far as I remember, a lot of people died there. So, it’s also a place to come down.

We went there for the scenic view and it’s really breathtaking. I don’t know whether I ever had such a view! But words can not describe it and I’m afraid, even the pictures can not. But it was amazing…such an overwhelming feeling of freedom and width! It’s incredible. Malaho!






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