Knitting, impulse buy and what I made of it – The ‘Norway Sweater’

Everyone knows this strange situation: You go shopping because you need to buy something. But in the end, you either couldn’t find anything, couldn’t decide or you come home with something totally random which you don’t even need or thought someone invented it. Or the situation that you don’t want to buy something, you’re just having a good time with a friend, walking through the mall, and you really don’t need anything, because you have all you want. And suddenly, your eyes spot something and feel to urgent need to need it. You want it. I mean, you WANT it. There is no way back!

I would categorize those situations as first, impulse buys you (often) regret and second, impulse/spontaneous buys that make you happy! Here is how I came to my new project: The ‘Norway Sweater’:

Almost 1 month ago, I went shopping with a friend. As she was looking for wool, we went to a art supply shop in the city center of Leipzig (idee). I didn’t want some wool, because I still had some and I just bought some really expensive one from weareknitters. The shops provides a juge storage of wool in every kind you can think of, so it’s always tempting to buy something. Generally, I’m disciplined (at least with spending money), I always think about what I need and want and most of the time I don’t do impulsive shopping.

As most of the time includes an exception for sometimes by definition; this day was a ‘sometimes day’. A big sign screamed SALE at everyone who entered the shop and so, a lot of people were there, looking for a good deal. So, we did, but while I was helping my friend to find a wool she needs and likes, I was also unconsciously looking for myself and my eyes always stopped at a single ball of wool in something I would call old or antique pink. And it looked so soft and warm and I wanted it! And the moment I touched it strengthened this need. My friend couldn’t make a choice and as she tended to leave the shop, I spontaneously decided to make a cardigan, sweater or whatever out of this wool. I would find a nice pattern, but I wanted this wool. So, I looked for some more balls of this old pink color, but unfortunately, I held the last one already in my hand. S, I added some white and brownish balls, too, and went to the checkout. Very happy with a smile on my face!

When we had a coffee, I had some time to inspect the wool: it’s made of shearings, polyacrylic and alpaca wool. And I realized that I’m lacking 2 more balls of wool to knit a weater or so in my size. So, I went there again, but it was worth it.

I got the wool, but as I was still working on another project (the SimoneCardigan by weareknitters, read about it here), weeks over weeks passed by and the wool was still as I bought them: coiled and raw. When I finally had the time to think about what I want to do with the balls, I always had those typically Norwegian-looking sweaters in my mind! With triangles and dots, stripes and sometimes snowflakes or deers. First, I imagined a sweater with triangles in old pink color-contrasting with the white wool. But before U would start a project for an adult, meaning me, I wanted to try how a triangle pattern would look like and, more important, whether I can knit it or not. Whether I do have the skill for that. I created a pattern for a sweater vest for my nephew’s 1st birthday and after I learn how to add another wool while keeping the other yarn, I finished it and I’m proud of it.

Now, I know the technique and I also know, where I’m struggling and where I have to be as much concentrated as possible that in the end I don’t make a mistake. And finally, I decided on the pattern I would like to knit. Here is the schematic pattern (just a model, not 1:1) and of course while knitting I have to make adaptations and changes.


I tried to uphold on a sweater which I liked when I searched for ‘norway sweater’ and I found out that the pattern is not just a repetition or reflection. I can create something really individual that can still be put in the category of those typical Norwegian fashion..

I wouldn’t say that this is how the sweater will really look like in the end, but it’s a starting point and I’m excited how this project will be and how well I can knit it. As far as I can tell, the wool is really good to knit and the structure is beautiful. It is soft, but also strong and it’s easy to handle.

By the way, it you are interested in how I created the pattern: I used the knit pattern designer which I downloaded here (for free) at the end of the text, before the comments section starts. I runs of every OS (Windows, Linux and Mac) as long as Java is working (it’s a .jar file). As the software does not provide the colors I have, I used gimp, another open source tool, to colorize it.




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