The first day we met – Emotional roller coaster

Today, it was the right moment to sink into the memories of my first day with Voxel. Or at least the first hours. It was very emotional and thinking or writing about it also makes me feel like crying. It was a tough day!

But, it was ‘the beginning of this troublesome and joyful adventure and the kickoff of a partnership I never thought a human and a dog can enter.’

The first day we met

Suddenly, I got a message stating the day of her arrival…

Months before I got my dog, I bought dog things. My mother always told me that I don´t need to buy everything now. And I really nearly bought all the stuff you can think of, also things she would need in some months, years or maybe never. As I didn’t really know how big she is in reality and how big she would become, it was stupid to buy for months in advance. But I was so happy and excited! I read a lot about puppies and how to educate and train them and I also talked to a friend who is some kind of an idol for me as she does such a good job with her dog!

I know you, but you don’t know me

Suddenly, the day before she would come to Germany was there and I went to my parents place as I didn’t have a car and I shouldn’t drive anyway. It’s just safer, because usually you are excited and nervous and you should be with the dog in the back of the car to show that you are a there for her or him. The woman from the agency wrote me a message saying that they are in Germany now and that we would have 3-4 hours to get to the meeting point. It was earlier than expected and so I run to my parents’ sleeping room, teared open the door and shouted: We have to get up, NOW! My mother thought I was just excited and mumbled something like ‘No, it’s still time’. My father kept on sleeping. I shouted again ‘No, I got the message! They will be there in 3-4 hours!!!’ Both were awake instantly as they were as excited as I was. No one in our family ever had a dog and now the nestling who was afraid of dogs since she was a young teenager adopts one. Crazy.

I can’t remember how far and long we drove, my thoughts were impalpable and I couldn’t catch a single one. They were jumping from happy, excited and nervous to anxious, afraid and overchallenged. Finally, we arrived and some other people were also there to pick up their new pet. At this time, I hated that my father took pictures, but after a while I appreciated a lot. Because now I have photos of our very start, the beginning of this troublesome and joyful adventure and the kickoff of a partnership I never thought a human and a dog can enter.

I saw Voxel; to this date she was called differently but that’s not important, so, I saw her  immediately when they opened the door. All of the other dogs were barking and whining as they knew that something was going on. She sat in her box, very concentrated and attentive looking around. Her iris was maximally widened and so her eyes merged with the black color of her fur. She looked great!


While my eyes were focused on her, she was calmly looking from person to person. She didn’t know what all of this means and who all of the women and men were or who I was. As she was quiet, she was the first one who was given to her adopter. Someone gave her a harness and a kiss on her head and so, I held my little dog in my arms.

You can not prepare for the unexpected

Honestly, I was surprised how tiny and light she was. She was 6 months old and really small. After I asked where to go and the way was shown to me, we stood in the backyard of the house where Voxel had some time so relieve herself and come down. That was the idea. When I put her on the ground, she immediately was scared stiff. She put down her head, trying to make her as small and tiny as possible and didn’t move at all. I walked away a bit to give her some more space, but she knew she couldn’t run away. A leash connected us. So, I waited a bit.


My parents came and I signalized them not to enter the garden as Voxel was already afraid of my existence. After a while, another dog came and Voxel felt a bit better, I guess. She moved and piddled. But after every step she looked at me. If looks could kill! She obviously didn’t like that I came with her. She just wanted to go to the other dog, someone she knew, someone she felt attached to, someone home. I moved really slowly and carefully, making sure not to scare her. More and more dogs came, various ones. Most of them were outgoing and they barked and jumped and played and were happy with their adopter. The others touched and pet their dogs. But everytime I came closer to Voxel she tried even harder to disappear  in the ground. Several times I sticked my hand towards her, hoping she would come and sniff a bit. I was sad and I didn’t know what to do. My parents looked at me, bug-eyed. There were question marks over our heads  and they would stay a bit longer.


Time to go home

After a while I thought we should leave the scenery. Voxel just stood around, overwhelmed by the situation: so many new people, 6 eyes starring at her and other dogs who freaked out. We went to the car and as I don’t wanted to put her in the box, instead she should walk in their alone, I told my father to go behind me. In case she would try to run out of the car, there would be 4 arms trying to catch her. I placed her on the backseat and opened the leash, pointing to the entrance of the box and surprisingly, she directly went inside and lay down. We were glad that we made it.

My mother asked me how I feel and whether I was prepared for that. The foster home in Bulgaria told me that Voxel is a calm and reserved dog. But they didn’t say anxious. I felt horrible! What have I done to this poor creature?! I felt like crying, but I told my mother that this is just a matter of days until she would open herself and starting to like me.

What a nice house of cards, doomed to cave in…


It’s not the best picture, but it’s our first one and therefor: I love it!

(I have no idea why I’m looking so mean at the picture, I guess I was annoyed by my father taking another picture…)



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