Awakening in a WinterWonderLand

More than 1 year ago I didn’t care much about the weather. Every morning after I got up, I opened my shutters, glancing outside and walking into the bathroom. Depending on the weather I just decided what to wear and whether I would go by bike or bus. Nothing else. After I adopted Voxel, it changed.

I guess, the first thing a dog owner does is having a walk with the dog after getting out of bed. So it happens to me that after I leave the bed, I’m opening my shutters and I’m carefully glancing outside, hoping not to see rain or a heavy (snow) storm or something. Especially, because my dog hates rain or water in general with every fiber of her tiny body. It’s a bit different with snow as she doesn’t realize how this freezing-melting-thing works, but she loves snow!

It’s February and the last weeks were sometimes cold, but mainly without any snow and so I thought that spring be at the ready. I know that February is still a month of winter, but there was hope. When I got up this morning and scuffed to my windows and opened the shutters, I interrupted my morning procedure because what I saw there on my window board was unexpected: Snow!

I’m ready for spring now, the winter and coldness has done a great job, but now it is time to go. So I wasn’t happy to see that it was still snowing and the sky promised not to stop soon. Maybe not until tomorrow. As I’m a dog owner, I have to go out. My mood was damped and so I wrapped myself tightly in my coat, put a lot of scarfs on, mittens and winter boots. I also pocketed my handy camera, a Sony Cybershot that fits into a jacket pocket quite well.

Voxel was enthusiastic about the white splendor so much that she couldn’t control herself and she jumped around and caught the snow, ate it and was wondering why it disappeared when we went outside. I immediately felt better and I was happy to be outside, walking through this scenery early in the morning. The streets and pedestrians were nearly untouched and so we went to the park. It was a nice sight as it must have been snowing the whole night. The trees were loaded with snow and all meadows were covered under a thick layer of snow.

The dog played with the flakes, swirled some up and run over the white mead. Meanwhile, I took pictures of this beauty and I had some luck taking some really nice shots of snowed up thistles and spiderwebs (at least parts of them). It’s really a miracle how strong such a thin cord of spider silk is…

I want to take you with us, experiencing a little snow white world in the very early morning and reminding you on paying attention to the small things and appreciating them!






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