Under Construction

Precautionally, I want to say ‘Sorry’ for spamming you today and within the next days. As I got some help from my dear friend averagepony (and her other half) on how to improve my blog and especially how to use categories, tags and stuff like that, my blog is under construction. I don’t know whether this means that every post I ever made will be forwarded as new post, but in case it does, I apologize!

Have a great and productive Sunday



One thought on “Under Construction

  1. Maren says:

    Wow, seams like you’re having a productive sunday! :-O Hope you’re having fun as well. And a lot of chocolate cake and in the end a lot of success. I wouldn’t mind seeing all of your posts again in my feed as I definitely missed some really good ones and would love to get a look at those napkin dumplings again 🙂

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