The Sweater Vest fits!

Almost one month ago, I wrote about a new knitting project: the sweater vest for my nephew! Finally, his first birthday came and I gave it to him as a present. I was excited as I didn’t know whether it would fit or not. 

I did not finish it; I left the whole for the head flexible to adapt it to his actual head size. I tried it on and the head was much bigger than the whole. So, I opened it a bit more. As I sew both parts together on the shoulders, I just had to sew back. When the whole was big enough, I attached a press button and now, it fits very well. I hope he can wear it for a long time, but I know that toddlers grow very fast. But with the press button, it should be good for some months. 

The wool is very soft and keeps him warm and I think, he likes it. Especially for days when the sun is shining, but it’s still a bit cold, it’s a good in-between cloth when t-shirts are too cold, but sweaters are too warm.




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