Malta, here I come!

In the last years I realised: the more I travel the less I prepare! And that’s not always a bad thing. In less than 24 hours, my plane will land in Malta and I have no idea about nothing. So, I decided to spent at least some time to search for activities.

I’m not very good in geography and I’ve never been, but I was shocked that my intuition fooled me so hard. I thought, Malta is somewhere close to Portugal, instead Google maps told me the truth: it is placed between Sicilia and North Africa. Thank you, Google for making me feel very stupid. Anyway, nobody’s perfect. Another interesting facts is that the country Malta consists of three islands that are occupied. They are Malta, Gozo and Comino. It took a while, but I found out where I go: it’s Malta with the capital Valletta.

Next to Maltese,citizens speak English as Malta was a British colony from 1814 to 1964. The temperature in February varies between 9 and 16 °C (48-60°F), but the weather forecast for the days I’ll spent there even says temperatures up to 18 (64)!

I usually look for sights and places to go via TripAdvisor and that’s not an insider tip: I guess most of the people use this website to find first hand information. I like the idea that people who already have been there write about their experiences and what they did. For the largest of the islands, Malta, the website provides 673 entries for things to do there. I just wanted to make a list of 5 or so especially because my time there is limited…here we go!

1. Mdina – a medieval city
Most of the reviews describe the city of Mdina as the Must-see in Malta as it transfers the visitor to an ancient time. The cathedral is the highlight of the trip and should not be missed! Next to the historical importance and beauty, the small streets invite for a walk.

2. Valletta 

The St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a baroque building providing a museum and audio tour. Most of the people describe a visit as a visual experience and a place of spirituality and magnificent and amazing light. 

The waterfront of Valletta is probably one of the most shot places of Malta. And if you Google it, you will see why. It’s really a beautiful scenery and with the right light, it’s romantic as hell. It’s definitively something I’ll do!

3. St. Paul’s Pool

Even though, February is not the perfect month to have a swim in the sea, this place seems to be a really nice spot to chill, enjoy the sun and spent some time. The view is described as breathtaking and fantastic. Some even write it is a natural wonder. It is a 30 minutes walk from Marsaxlokk and since I love to walk/hike, it’s a perfect tour.

4. Blue Grotto (Il-Hnejja)

When I saw the first picture of this sight, I was amazed. It’s such a beautiful and natural place that I deeply want to go there! I am excited whether I can also feel the magic and mystic of this natural wonder.

5. Popeye Village

When I was a child, I loved watching Popeye and in Malta, there is the place the film was made! The pictures look great: it’s a small village with houses on the coast and boats in front of them. Some reviewers added that the village is run down, but maybe this is what it makes special (next to the Popeye thing).

6. The Dingli Cliffs

Another little hiking trip is the way to the Dingli Cliffs. Especially in spring, the hike is highly recommended as the nature is getting green and everything comes back to live. I hope I can manage to do that!

As every touristic hot spot and historically old country, Malta has a lot more to discover than I listed. It’s full of beautiful churches, street markets, gates, museums and theatres. The list wouldn’t end for a while. I am looking forward to eat fresh seafood, ice cream, to take nice pictures and just to calm down, chill and enjoy the sun!

For me, I know enough to have a good impression of what to do and everything else will come. I always like to get in contact with hotel or restaurant staff to get to know some insider tips…I hope, I can share some with you!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Malta, here I come!

  1. craftdiyblog says:

    Oh, Malta is beautiful. I’ve been there twice and I intend to go some more. By the way, you seem far more prepared than I was before going there first time. Pity they don’t have old busses anymore (or as many, I heard they kept them on some lines?), they were spectacular: holes on the bottom through you could actually see the road, DIY ventilators out of spare parts of old cars and so on. Have a good time and let us know how is Malta in winter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • donkajustdoit says:

      Oh thanks for the hint with the busses, I’ll check whether I can find one of them. Sounds like fun 😉
      I also got the impression that going there once is not enough to explore this rather small country. And when you have been there twice already and want to go some more…I have the feeling this island could become one of my favourites!
      Thanks you!

      Liked by 1 person

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