Birthday Cake – Unicorn Rainbow Pinata Cake

I love baking and I love to create unique and challenging cakes. And, yes, I like unicorns and rainbows and stuff like that. I am still a kid, even though I just turned 28 and I am proud of it!

This year, I wanted to bake a rainbow cake, but not just a normal one, I wanted a theme cake which I found on youtube: Kupferfuchs did a unicorn-rainbow cake and I got the idea for my cake from this video. But, I wanted something more special and so I connected this idea with a typical pinata cake. The plan was perfect, I just needed the ingredients!




For the dough:
7 eggs
350g Sugar
1 package Vanilla sugar
1 1/2 packages Baking powder
350 ml Oil (canola oil)
175 ml Water
500 g Flour
6 different Food Colorings

For the Filling (Pinata):
2 packages chocolate beans

For the Creme:
750 g frozen Raspberries
15 leaves Gelatine
188 g Mascarpone
188 g Curd
112 g Icing sugar375 ml cream

For the topping
1 kg Fondant or modelling choco (but you don’t need all of it)

For the Frosting:
400 g Cream cheese
160 g Butter
60 g Icing sugar

baking paper
butter for the cake tin

6 mixing bowls
hand mixer
hand-held blender
kitchen scale
rolling pin
sharp knife
cake tin (diameter 28 cm)
round cookie cutter or a glass
hair dryer 😉

1 wooden shashlik skewer
1 decorating bag or freezer bag

Let’s get started:
Preheat the oven up to 190°C. Take the raspberries out of the freezer and defrost them.

Prepare the dough: Put the flour, vanilla sugar and baking powder in a mixing bowl and mix it. Take another bowl and beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy.

Now, add the flour-sugar-baking-powder-mix as well as the water and the oil.
When everything became a creamy dough, divide it into six and add as much of the food coloring as you want and the manual proposes. I chose yellow, orange, red, green, blue and violet.


After you covered the cake tin with the baking paper, put some butter on the edge. I would recommend to start with the brightest color, in my case yellow. The cake base will be rather thin, but it’s still enough to bring some stability. Each base will need 10-15 minutes in the oven until ready. As they are very thin, they just need some minutes to cool down. I would recommend to cut the bases whenever they have some bumps, because otherwise the cake won’t be even and will loose stability.


Now, put the gelatine leaves into cold water as written in the instruction. Blend the defrosted raspberries with the blender and add some icing sugar (as much as you want) and after all fruits are mashed, press it through a sieve. Now, the puree is free of tiny pits.

After this, whisk the cream until stiff and the mascarpone and curd in. Heat up the raspberry-puree and after it boiled, remove the pot form the oven. Now, squashed the gelatine leaves and add them one by one. They will melt in the warm puree and it’s important to stir the puree constantly. Now, cool the puree down (either in the fridge or in a sink filled with cold water). Mix the cream-mascarpone-curd mixture in to the puree, but take care: if the puree is too warm, the cream will melt. And also don’t mix the puree into the cream, because the gelatine might cool down too fast and will built blobs.

Before using the raspberry cream, cool it down for another 30 minutes in the fridge.

After this, take the cake base that will form the lowest layer and put it onto the cake plate (in my case violet). I used a cake ring (or just the edge of the tin) to bring and keep the bases and puree in position. Now, take the cookie cutter or a glass and put it into the center of the base without really cutting the base. It’s just a tool to keep the middle part of the base free from the raspberry puree.

The idea is to put the chocolate beans into the middle of the cake and therefore, there is no need put the cream there. Now, put some raspberry puree on the cake, like 1 or 2 cm thick. Now, add another base (blue), but before, cut out the middle part by using the cookie cutter or glass. Do this until the last base (yellow) is left.

Now, DON’T cut out the center as this will close the pinata. And, of course: Before closing it, fill in the choco beans.

Before finishing, I would recommend to put the cake in the fridge for at least half a day (over night).
Since I don’t like butter cream so much and also fondant is not my favorite tool, I bought modeling choco in white. However, it’s not really white, more like the color of white chocolate and it also tastes like this.


After I removed the cake ring, I cut off a bit of the cake in order to achieve a smooth surface. In the end, the cake was 10 cm high and 25 cm in diameter. So, I needed a shell of modeling choco approx. 40 x 40 cm.


The choco is easier to handle when put in the microwave or the oven for a while. After this, take a rolling pin and start to roll the choco. This will take some minutes and before putting the choco surface on the cake, I would recommend to heat it up again (a bit) using a hair dryer. I didn’t and my layer broke. The hair dryer is also a good tool to  form the round edges or make some corrections. Now, put the cake again into the fridge. With the rest of the choco, form ears and the horn. For the ears, I cut out two bigger pieces in white. Additionally, I colored some choco in pink and cut smaller pieces. After this, I stick the pink pieces into the white ones. The chocolate is really sticky and it will stay like this. For the horn, form 2 “sausages” using the white modeling choco, with one end becoming smaller. Now, wind and roll them around a shashlik skewer, leaving 3-5 cm of the skewer without choco and put all pieces into the fridge. If you want, you can color the horn gold.

It’s time for the frosting. It’s very easy: Just mix all ingredients together. This will form the mane of the unicorn and therefore, we need to color the frosting. I chose pink, blue and violet and I wanted them in pastel. I divided the frosting into 3 pieces and added just a small amount of color. You can also divide it into more parts, but 3 was appropriate for me. Now, put the differently colored creams into the decorating or freezing bag, just next to each other and create the mane. For the eyes, you can either use black sugar writing of color a small piece of modeling choco in black and stick it onto the cake. You can also add some lashes. Place the ears.

Before serving the cake, place the horn between the ears, but a little bit closer to the edge. Cut the cake at the table when everyone is looking, because the pinata effect is a real highlight. My guests were surprised that something came out of the cake. It was a nice surprise, not only joyful for kids. The cake itself was really tasty. The raspberry puree was rather sour, but in combination with the sweet dough and the choco surface, it was the perfect balance, The frosting brought some freshness into it and chocolate beans were amazing whenever I bite on one.

All in all: It took me 3,5 h for the cake and another 2 h to decorate it. I am still not good in handling the modeling choco, even though I already  used it for some cakes. In the end, the cake looked more elaborated than it actually was. If you don’t want to use fondant or modeling choco, you can also use butter cream or everything else to create a smooth surface. It is a tasty and funny cake that makes me happy and my guests liked it as well!



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