Project Camping Car II

It’s been a while that I wrote about my camping car project. It’s more than a month ago that we brought the car to my parents’ place. This was an exciting day and the weeks after were much more exciting. I couldn’t do a lot, because I have no idea how to repair a car in that way. But, fortunately, my father is an expert in this field and he donated his whole free time to fix my car.

As you may know from my latest post, the car I bought had some issues with the cooling system and the cylinder head. Therefore, we couldn’t just drive with the car back to my home town, ergo, we needed a tow truck!

It was Easter Saturday when my parents picked me up to get my car. It was a long drive as we were only allowed to drive 80 km/h (49 mph). But it was funny though, I did some cookies and snacks the day before and we had some nice talks.


Finally, we arrived and the car was settled down 🙂


Some meters were okay for the car before heating up too much

The first thing we did after we arrived, of course, was to check the car a bit more intense. We started to measure the size of the trunk and to brainstorm on how to built in the bed. We realized that the Berlingo is a quite long car. When the passenger seat is brought as close as possible to the dashboard, there is a space of 1.90m (6 ft) before the end of the trunk is reached. This is going to be luxurious!

But more interestingly, we were interested in the engine bay. First, we disconnected the battery. Then, we started to jack the car up and to empty out the cooling system. Caution: The coolant has to be wasted in a special way!

After this, we started to disconnect the exhaust manifold, the intake air-filter, the injection system for the fuel etc. After this, we removed the cylinder head, and saw that the seal is really broken and cleaned it and brought it to someone who faced it.


View at the cylinder


The cylinder head with some pieces of the seal


The broken, old cylinder head seal


The new cylinder head seal


Old vs New

While we did this, we realize that both belts were porous and therefore, we bought new belts and inserted them.


The new belts

Fortunately, the cambelt was totally okay. The exhaust manifold had some holes and needed to be welded and new seals were needed. Additionally, all exhaust valves had to be regrind and all spindle packings renewed. After we put all things back in their place, we filled the cooling system and ventilated it. Additionally, we renewed the brake cylinders in the back on both sides and changed to summer tires.

Simultaneously, we ventilated the brake system and changes the break fluid. And then, we started the engine…and it did not work! The battery needed to be replaced and after we did this, the engine started without any problems. Our first ride was to the next gas station to inflate the wheels to their needed volume. I am so happy that everything works and now, I can drive with Voxel wherever I want, whenever I want. It’s a huge release! She likes the car very much and falls asleep after a short time.

Now, we installed some insulation and started to bring the laminate into the trunk.


We also fitted an electric cable when we installed the insulation for a socket and some lights. My father organized some nice lights 🙂

My father also fixed a rock chip in the windshield. (for details click on the pictures)

There were also some car body damages my father could repair. There is only some color needed…

But there is much more to do…and I am excited! Before I went back, we ordered a reversing aid that we will install next time. Additionally, I brought some foam to fix the seat and then, we can start to insert the laminate, built the bed and a kitchen sink, bring some light into it, add the window films that will prevent the heat of the sun and people with longing eyes to look into and maybe install a central locking.


Stay tuned!


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