Textile printing with lavender oil

There are two ways this post may makes you feel:

Either you think that this is nothing new to you or you are as excited about it as I was when I heard about it.

There is a way to print whatever you want on a textile of your choice without much effort and it is called

lavender oil printing

Actually, I did not think that this works, but it does and if you consider some hints, your own and individually printed textile will be amazing.

What you need:

  • lavender oil (like the oil you can buy for a dish of perfume oil)
  • a bristle brush
  • a pot for the oil
  • a cooking spoon or tablespoon
  • a textile (I used a cotton shirt)
  • some paper
  • tape
  • iron
  • a picture or slogan of your choice printed with a laser printer (nothing else will work)


! It’s necessary that you printed the picture or slogan with a laser printer and keep in mind to mirror words !

The first step is to find a good place for the picture/slogan and to iron this location. Afterwards, place some paper under the textile (or between both sided of the shirt) to prevent the oil to ruin something.

Fix the shirt with the tape at the table you are working on and then the picture/slogan at the shirt with the white side looking at you.

Now, dab the paper with the oil, but be careful and avoid puddles! Wait 1-3 minutes until the paper is soaked and start to transfer the color from the paper to the shirt. To do this, rub with the cooking spoon or the tablespoon over the paper with some pressure. Carefully check whether the color is transferred in a good way, otherwise, put some more lavender oil on the paper and let it soak for another 1-3 minutes and repeat the procedure.



If you are happy with the result, remove the paper and let the textile dry. After this, put some paper or baking paper on the textile and switch your iron on (maximum). When it is hot enough, iron the motive at the shirt. Now, you can wash the textile up to 30°C (86°F).


As you can see, the contrast between the blue shirt and the black color is not a good one, but white seems to be a perfect base for any kind of color. As you can see, you can print whatever you want, not just gray scale or black and white.



For me, it is a perfect gift to a friend or family and a lovely way to say ‘Thank you’. You can even print a nice birthday card on some fabric or a picture on a pillow are anything you can think of! Just keep in mind to mirror words and mind the contrast!

Have fun!


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