BrainStorming 2k18 – tidy out 2017

Hello everyone! Still working on the ToDo list for 2k18 or did you already start?

A new year means 365 days for new ideas and a re-evaluation and re-definition. Okay, okay, the new year is already some days old…anyway.
Thus, 2k18 starts for me with finishing old projects, such as the Norway Sweater, but also plans of advancing old projects, such as sewing and creating some more details on the Frill Skirt and Steam Punk Outfit and advancing skills, but also to learn new skills.

First of all, I want to complete the Norway Sweater even though I just started with a mesh probe for a new project. I hope, I can finish it soon! And, as I already spoiled above, there is a new project incoming! Knitting – hear I come again and I hope, I can advance my styles.

The Norway Sweater, 3 parts to go.

However, as I am doing “two” jobs since October 2017 (a “real” job in a company and writing my dissertation [still]), I do not have plenty of time to work on other things. Nevertheless, it is important to fill free time with things that make me happy and handwork is only one of those things.

Then, for the Victorian and the End Time Saga Outfits, I would love to sew and create more details. For the Victorian Outfit I would like to create a nice hat with some decoration on it! And for the End Time Saga Outfit, it would be lovely to sew a cape. And I would be happy to have another shooting with someone, because it was so much fun and I still love the pictures, even though (or precisely because) I do not really identify myself.

As another bigger project, I plan to sew some more things for myself, but not super fancy things; I want to create like normal/casual clothes. I do have some patterns, but I never realized to try them. That’s something I will definitely do this year. Even though I may not resist not buying clothes, I will start rather small by trying to do as much as possible on my own. This means: more sewing!

Fourth, and I am really excited about this, in February my kitchen will (hopefully) come and then, I will do some more cooking and baking and try more things. I would also love to try out preparing snacks for dogs and also bigger gifts like presents for dogs for their birthdays, for example (I hope, Voxel is not getting fat, haha).
I also missed working with chocolate the last year. The years before I made some pralines with a friend like once a year, but in 2017 there was no time for this and I regret. So, I want to learn more about working with chocolate and decoration as well as full recipes. Good that some friends gifted a coupon for a chocolate course last year. Yay!

Fifth, I had been really lazy with the presents I usually send to my friends and I would like to evolve their a bit, too. It’s not about being more expensive, but a little bit more creative, like the “If you…” Advent Calendar. So, stay tuned for more DIYs.


At then, there is my new flat I would like to finish with decoration, my personal note and some spectacular light decorations. I think, I hope, I can find my own style, because I usually like different ways to decorate which is sometimes not really combinable. I will give it a try. And as usually, I will try to do the most on my own, like in December with the Thread Pictures.


And last, but not least, more blogging and travelling (not far away, but at least travelling). I really want to give a regular update on what I am doing, what I finished, what I rejected and what is currently bothering me (in both good and bad ways). To be honest, my drafts folder is full of posts I wrote about something, but I never published them, because I was (and still am) afraid that the reader my interpret it differently or, the worst case, wrongly.

And before I write the last sentence for this post, there is another thing, I never really wrote about. The Camping Car Project. It is really said and despite the tips and hints I gave, like being carefully while buying an used car, the one I bought betrayed me and basically only cost a lot of money in the end and is not working. I am actually really sad about it, because I had some plans for 2k18 with it; however, life goes on. Now, it is deregistered and waits for someone who is interested in it as a spare parts depot or the scrap press. Whatever comes first. I hope, we can somehow fix it and sell it for only a small amount of money to have at least the spares covered.

What are you planning and up to for 2k18?

Be seeing soon.


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