Salmon with Pak Choi

Currently, I am pretty sick and every time before I can not go out anymore, I go to the supermarket and buy healthy stuff. And chocolate. Or ice cream. Or both. But, mostly healthy stuff. This time, I brought some vegetables home that are new to me. I mean, I knew that they exist and … Continue reading Salmon with Pak Choi


BrainStorming 2k18 – tidy out 2017

Hello everyone! Still working on the ToDo list for 2k18 or did you already start? A new year means 365 days for new ideas and a re-evaluation and re-definition. Okay, okay, the new year is already some days old...anyway. Thus, 2k18 starts for me with finishing old projects, such as the Norway Sweater, but also … Continue reading BrainStorming 2k18 – tidy out 2017

DIY: Steampunk/End Time Saga Outfit (@WaveGotikTreffen2017)

Another subgroup of WGT-attendees are the steampunk-supporter. Steampunk is a science fiction or science fantasy related genre, incorporating technology and designs inspired by the industrial machineries of the 19th century. Fashion is often a mixture of Victorian designs and mechanic things, such as timepieces, parasols, flying/driving goggles, or welding googles. Mostly, dark and brownish colors … Continue reading DIY: Steampunk/End Time Saga Outfit (@WaveGotikTreffen2017)