One of my favorite kind of pictures are those showing animals, especially forest animals, created with geometric shapes. I am not sure whether there is a name for it, but I know that in the last years a lot of people got tattooed with one of those pictures. Even though I am interested in such … Continue reading DIY:Thread-Pictures


DIY:Reversible Soft Toy – Nouka and Paul

Lately, I saw a video on Facebook showing how to create a reversible soft toy using two socks and some decoration. I was impressed and they were looking co cute that I thought this may be the perfect present for my nephew this year. What you need: 2 pairs of those really warm and soft … Continue reading DIY:Reversible Soft Toy – Nouka and Paul

DIY: Steampunk/End Time Saga Outfit (@WaveGotikTreffen2017)

Another subgroup of WGT-attendees are the steampunk-supporter. Steampunk is a science fiction or science fantasy related genre, incorporating technology and designs inspired by the industrial machineries of the 19th century. Fashion is often a mixture of Victorian designs and mechanic things, such as timepieces, parasols, flying/driving goggles, or welding googles. Mostly, dark and brownish colors … Continue reading DIY: Steampunk/End Time Saga Outfit (@WaveGotikTreffen2017)