1/4 – The Norway Sweater 

It's been a while since I wrote about my latest knitting project and that might be due to the fact that I didn't knit so much in the last weeks. However, I finished the front part of it and now, there are just 3 parts left: the back and both arms. Actually, I deviated a … Continue reading 1/4 – The Norway Sweater 


The Sweater Vest fits!

Almost one month ago, I wrote about a new knitting project: the sweater vest for my nephew! Finally, his first birthday came and I gave it to him as a present. I was excited as I didn't know whether it would fit or not.  I did not finish it; I left the whole for the … Continue reading The Sweater Vest fits!

Knitting, impulse buy and what I made of it – The ‘Norway Sweater’

Everyone knows this strange situation: You go shopping because you need to buy something. But in the end, you either couldn't find anything, couldn't decide or you come home with something totally random which you don't even need or thought someone invented it. Or the situation that you don't want to buy something, you're just … Continue reading Knitting, impulse buy and what I made of it – The ‘Norway Sweater’